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This website is only intended for general information and in no way should any of the information contained herein be construed to be legal advice.

NO ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP OR PRIVILEGE: The use of this website and sending and/or receiving information through it does not establish an attorney-client relationship or privilege.

FOLLOWING DOES NOT ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP: Following Knowles Law Firm or any member or employee of the firm on social channels, including Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook does not state or imply a relationship between the firm and the follower.

SOUTH CAROLINA GUIDANCE: The material presented in this website is provided in accordance with the South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct.

NETHERLANDS: Knowles Law Firm, PC d/b/a Knowles International is a South Carolina Corporation registered at the KVK – Dutch Chamber of Commerce – no. 87119749 – with its registered office at the World Trade Center – The Hague Business Center, Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33, 2595 AM The Hague, Netherlands.

LINKS DO NOT ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP: Links from and to this website do not state or imply a relationship between Knowles Law Firm, PC and the linked entity.

NO GUARANTEE: Each and every claim and case may differ in the results obtained. The facts of your case may vary with possible expected results.

WEBSITE RESPONSIBILITY: The attorney responsible for this website is Brian M. Knowles (licensed in South Carolina and Washington, DC; admitted Solicitor of the Republic of Ireland and the Senior Courts of England and Wales).

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